The new Chieftain high-tensile steel transport trailer range is tons lighter and stronger

The use of high tensile steel to construct the chassis and framework of this this 3-axle semi low-loader steel transport trailer model reduced the volume of steel needed to construct the trailer by an impressive 2 tonnes, compared with our equivalent legacy steel transport trailer of the same type. Chieftain’s capability to manufacture from high-tensile steel in 2016 is the result of a significant investment by the firm in the implementation of efficient state-of-the-art thermomechanical rolling equipment for use in manufacturing.

High tensile steel is not only stronger weight-for-weight, it is more durable too. The lower volume of the transport trailer structure has allowed for further design innovations such as an ultra-low deck and low ride height air suspension. Chieftain have also developed a clever new side-lashing D-ring anchorage system.

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New embedded D-ring side anchorage system


Anchor ring retracted


Anchor ring engaged