Hardox® half pipe tipping trailer (3 axle)

Hardox In My Body (HIMB)
Hardox In My Body (HIMB)
Spare wheel 2
Spare wheel 2
Payload weighing system
Payload weighing system

Technical specification

Typical halfpipe weights
Gross Train Weight 44,000 kg
Axle capacity 8,000 kg
Kingpin (incl. truck)  20,000 kg
Est. tare weight 6,750 kg
Approx. payload 30,000 kg


Typical halfpipe dimensions
Overall length 9,896 mm
Fifth wheel height 1,250 mm
Chassis length 9,052 mm
Bin internal height 1,400 mm
Overall width 2,490 mm
Maximum height 3,200 mm
Bin capacity 24 m³
Bin internal length 8,200 mm

The Chieftain 44 ton gross half-pipe tipping trailer with Hardox® steel body is specially designed to transport rock and quarry aggregates. Hardox is an extra high strength durable steel wear plate developed by SSAB Oxelösund. It is lower in weight and more durable than ordinary mild steel hence its suitability to be the specified steel wear plate used to fabricate this rock and quarry aggregate trailer. Chieftain is a registered member of HIMB “Hardox in my body” therefore all of Chieftain’s designs for the use of Hardox have been approved by SSAB. (Please see Chieftain’s HIMB certificate for details.)

The lightweight Chieftain Hardox® half-pipe tipping trailer also offers significant improvements to efficiency by way of increased payloads as it can transport an additional 9 tonnes compared with the 32 tonne 8 wheeler tipper trucks.

Also available in the range of Hardox® half-pipe trailers is a 2 axle model of this type and a half-pipe model with an insulated/covered body for the transportation of hotmix (tarmacadam).