Chieftain Ejector trailer

Technical specification

Typical Ejector trailer weights
Gross load 44,000 kg
Tare weight 7,750 kg
Approx. payload 30,000 kg


Typical Ejector dimensions
Total length 10,090 mm
Total width 2,490 mm
Body inner length 8,047 mm
Body inner height 2,550 mm
Bin capacity  23 m³

Chieftain Ejector trailers are built to carry a maximum payload of about 26,000 kg. Pushing the payload off and out of a commercial trailer without the need to tip offers a number of benefits compared with tipping trailers, such as improved margins of operator safety, access to restricted and confined spaces, plus tight control over how the trailer is emptied.

Because the payload is pushed out the centre of gravity of the trailer remains optimally low throughout the process of emptying the trailer contents, a real health & safety benefit when delivering to sites where the terrain is uneven or those that are exposed to gale force winds—and all the risks of electrocution associated with tipping under overhead powerlines are completely eliminated too. With the overhead restriction eliminated the Ejector also makes possible the precise delivery of very large loads inside buildings and sheds.

Precise management of the rate at which the trailer is emptied and being able to partially empty the Ejector effortlessly makes this trailer the industry benchmark in terms of control, this effortless control makes partial delivery to several sites easy to achieve. Because the payload is pushed out in a controlled manner rather than falling out of a tipping trailer from a height the footprint and shape of the delivered heap is also very tightly controlled and tidy.

Users also report that the push compaction of soft or loose-form loads with the Ejector headboard offers load capacity increases of more than a third compared with tipping trailers of comparable size.