About Us

MTC Equipment, and its predecessor MTC Tractors, is a family business that has built its reputation on 35 years of solid customer service and support. James Murray is a significant shareholder in and manager of MTC Equipment. James is dedicated to serving New Zealand’s agricultural, civil infrastructure and road transport industries with a wide range of new and used trailers and equipment along with committed parts and after sales service support.


James Murray

“Continuing our far sighted business outlook MTC is proud to announce that we are Chieftain Trailers’ New Zealand distribution, sales and service agent and we’re very excited to be to be able to offer bespoke trailers direct from the manufacturer to our customers. Excited too that because of Chieftain’s commanding size in the European market we can offer the full line of transport trailer types and a broad range of models of commercial, agricultural and specialised transport trailers can be found here on our site.”

NZ_SPECS_Stamp_impressionIf you are seeking truck or tractor hauled transport trailers with a trusted name you can’t go past Chieftain. It is an Irish family business started over 30 years ago that today has over 40 product lines in their range. Initially they specialised in the production of tractor drawn low loader transport trailers and dump trailers. Then they entered the commercial truck drawn market with their first commercial drawbar low loader in the 80s. Chieftain’s ongoing commitment to Research and Development saw the introduction of transport trailers for Fuel transport, Waste and Recycling, Rail, Forestry and other highly specialised industries. Chieftain’s transport trailer designs, materials, manufacturing standards and dimensions comply with all relevant New Zealand transport and safety regulations. 

MTC is proud to to be representing an internationally recognised, state-of-the-art designer and manufacturer such as Chieftain, and that we share a commitment to quality, customer support, unbeatable prices and competitive order delivery times. Our company also has the financial stability to offer some of the most competitive finance deals available in today’s market.Chieftain-Ejector-trailer-clrx-1500px